My room

28 04 2009
Well, it’s not my room anymore, since I moved into a new house a couple of months ago. But for two full years of my stay in Florida, this is the room I lived in. I painted the walls bright colors, defying all conventional advice, and loved it. I painted a mural on one wall. (The tidal wave in the desert. God is the wave; I’m the desert.) The mural made me happy every time I looked at it. I just loved this room. It was tiny and bright and wonderful.

I was so sad to paint over it when I moved out. It took three coats of paint and one very long, very horrible day to cover over all that brightness. Props to the Hulsebi for introducing me to Radiolab, without which I would have never made it through that day.
Before moving to Florida, I hadn’t had my own room since high school. Having my own room for 4 years has been phenomenal.

That’s one of my favorite pictures. Birds flying in a town square in Amsterdam. Electrical-taped to the wall.




4 responses

28 04 2009
Mike H.

Way cool: especially the electrical tape

1 05 2009
my name is karen.

i was just coming to comment on how i like the electrical tape too! oh man, that’s weird 🙂

9 05 2009
. . . . .

You’ve always been so good at decorating rooms.

11 05 2009

who are you anonymous poster with a picture of the back of your head?

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