Snakes in my house.

2 05 2009
Ok, really, I can’t say I’ll miss this. But it’s definitely something I’m having to say goodbye to. Don’t think this will ever happen in Michigan.

This snake was discovered trying to make it’s way into Mark Seckler’s bedroom, next to mine. But don’t worry – I vanquished it with a huge stick. Kind of a mismatch actually. Here’s a photo with Danny and the stick in it so you can get an idea of how huge this terror actually was.
The stick thing happened after we tried to electrocute this little guy to death with Brett Lantz’s Bug Zapper Tennis Raquet. Turns out the voltage is good enough for spiders and cockroaches, but not good enough for reptiles. It just made him mad.
Ultimately, however, the snake did meet it’s fate. Game over, Snakey.

Humans 1. Snakes ZERO. Next time, try a different venue for your attack, Mr. Snake.




One response

12 05 2009

don’t give up hope — mom recently had a dead frog in her house. i think the dogs put it there.

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