6 05 2009
Ah, Danny. One big reason why I am very sad to leave Orlando.
Here’s a video of Danny spitting disgustingly off of Half Dome in Yosemite last year.
Beautiful. Now that you know a little bit about Danny, let me tell you more! Danny and I met through church a couple of years ago, and we connected right away when he pulled the old, “There’s no ‘F’ in ‘way'” joke on me. We became fast friends, and soon he moved in with me. Then he got a Siberian Husky (who deserves a whole post of her own).
I’ve been spiritually mentoring Danny, since he’s a bit younger in Christ than I am, but he’s taught me as well. He’s also a lot of fun, a really good friend of mine.
Plus, I am officially entering him into the list of my top four favorite traveling companions, also including Troy Wallace, Mike Dempsey, and my future wife.
Here’s another Yosemite video with me & Danny.
I’ll miss you Danny. Move to Michigan.



One response

10 05 2009
. . . . .

When did you and Claire Danes get back together??

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