Winter Park Boat Tour

8 05 2009
Orlando is pretty much the ugliest city in the world – if you don’t know where to look. If you just drive on the main roads, it’s ugliness and urban sprawl everywhere. But if you veer off onto the side roads, you find all kinds of great little lakes, parks, etc.
One of my favorite little treasures is the Winter Park Boat Tour. It’s $10 for a one hour tour and totally worth it. You putt around on a little pontoon boat, driven by an ultra-friendly old man who will tell you all kinds of old-man-ish details that you never knew you wanted to know but now are so glad that you know now that you’ve gone on the Winter Park Boat Tour.
Here’s the ultra-friendly old man:

He’ll point out all kinds of interesting little things along the way, i.e., “If you look to your left, you’ll see a very old tree that is being held up by poles” or something more eloquent and old-man-ish sounding.
And there’s Dinky Dock of “Tim’s Blog, Post #1” fame! You’ll drive right by it on the WPBT, and even learn why it’s called Dinky Dock!
Here’s my fellow WPBTourists. A happier bunch of people you will never find.
Through the canals we go. If you’re lucky, on your Tour, another boat will try to come through at the same time in the opposite direction and your Old Man guide will have to back the boat all the way back out of the canal.
Hey look! It’s a dragon holding a glass ball that somebody hung from a tree in their yard! You’re crazy if you think the tour guide didn’t point that out to us.
The WPBT is also where I saw an actual Resurrection Fern, and learned what it was. This was right after I bought the Iron & Wine album, so it was extra exciting for me.
Much love to you WPBT!



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