Another thing I’ll miss: Finding skeletons of dead alligators.

11 05 2009
Yes, this is another thing that pretty much never happens in Michigan. Love finding skeletons of gators. (This is the SECOND time it has happened to me.) So weird.

Everything was gone, except for the scales on the gator’s feet. Vultures must have picked the thing clean.

I am left with two questions: One, what the heck happened? I don’t think alligators typically crawl up onto land to die. But maybe they do? Who knows? Two, where is the head? How does a full gator skeleton just lose it’s head? Nary a tooth or anything was anywhere to be found.
Anyhow, this was so cool.
Props to Gabe Williams, to whom I was talking on the phone when I stumbled upon this treasure.



One response

12 05 2009

what are you talking about? i find dead alligators in Michigan ALL the time.

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