The Jazz Stroll

15 05 2009
Twice a year at Leu Gardens in Winter Park is the “Jazz Stroll”. It’s a huge botanical gardens, filled with beautiful flowers, tress, etc., with trails winding through all of it. For the Jazz Stroll, they bring in 3 different jazz bands to play at various parts of the gardens. You bring some friends, some food, some wine, and some blankets, pick your space, and have a lovely evening. Ultra awesome, high class entertainment.
Here’s the band we were watching this past Saturday.

This cool dude with the trumpet had a wireless mic, so he could roam throughout the crowd as he played. Jazz musicians are so cool.
One of the trails leads to this lake view, and we watched the sky turn red as the sun was setting.
A nice porch swing and some orchids by the butterfly garden. This is Amanda.

This band was playing some spanish/flamenco style stuff. Great for puffing out your chest and clapping to.

Check out this video I took of my friends dancing Flamenco style at the Jazz stroll.

Here’s Amanda, Elizabeth, and Mark at the sunset. Mark’s got his Blue Steel in full effect.
Spanish moss and wine. Excellent.
And this is Angie, who introduced us all to the Jazz Stroll. Thanks Ang!



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