Zoe, Part 1

17 05 2009
In spite of myself, I will indeed be missing Zoe, my roommate’s Siberian Husky, when I go.
Oh Zoe, how many times I have cleaned up your pee, even when you intentionally put it in my bedroom and on my bed in an attempt to assert your territorial dominance over me!
And then there was the time you had diahrrea. Luckily my door was closed, but that didn’t stop you from depositing it right *outside* my door!
I will give you a space in my blog anyway, and even though I’m still mad at you from earlier today when you got mad at me and bit me for getting too close to you when you were chewing your bone.
Two HI-larious Zoe vids from my walk with her yesterday.
1. Zoe discovers the sprinkler.
2. Zoe rolls over… for a prize that is deemed unworthy.



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