Zoe, Part 2

19 05 2009
She’s not even my dog, but I have to say, she’s the prettiest dog I’ve ever seen. This is Zoe Part 2!
Yes, beware. She has drawn blood on both Danny and I several times. Most recently this past Sunday. Most of the time she’s pretty good, but she gets protective of her bones sometimes.

She wants to go in the water! But I won’t let her because she’d never come back. And she’d get eaten by alligators. And I’d have to give her a bath.
Zoe = Not interested in the banana.
We hung out by the side of this lake for a little while. I think she was frustrated because the leash was so short and I wouldn’t let her just run around. Because she would totally eat some little kid or run into a car.

And the coolest thing ever: Who doesn’t want to live in a home with one of these doors? So awesome! p.s., love the look on her face after she inHALES the treat, like, she didn’t even chew it and she’s like, “Uh, more please.”



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