The Labyrinth

25 05 2009
No, not the Jim Henson movie starring Jennifer Connely and David Bowie.

A labyrinth is also an ancient tool of prayer and meditation.
It has only one path, so is not properly a “maze”. You enter at the single entry point, pictured here.

It takes maybe 15 minutes to walk slowly through the labyrinth, praying or meditating as you go, until you arrive at the center. Then you walk out again.

This particular Labyrinth is at the San Pedro Center, a Catholic retreat facility nearby my house. They’re nice and they let you come in and wander around their beautiful grounds to pray and connect with God. Here is the Labyrinth from afar:
The Labyrinth at San Pedro is lined with bricks that say things about God.
It was a beautiful day.
Me walking the labyrinth.
I love the labyrinth. It is a very peaceful time for me.
I usually walk it in bare feet, but on this particular day it was hot and sunny so I had to wear my sandals so as to not burn my feet!
But for those who saw the word Labyrinth and immediately decided you’ll have to youtube some clips from the Jim Henson classic, I’ll save you the trouble:




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