The best four minutes of your day.

4 08 2009
I’m not embedding this video, because you should click on this link so you can go watch it in full screen.
To stay emotionally alive, I need some time every day to be quiet and absorb the beauty that is around me. Often, it’s right there, but without stillness and quietness, I’ll never see it or feel it.
I was thinking today about the parable of the sower (Luke 8), and how one set of seeds planted by the sower were choked out by the thorns – “life’s worries, riches and pleasures”. I’m thinking that this often includes the long list of “good” things to do that I can so easily fill my day with.
In Luke 12, Jesus says that when he returns, he wants us to be able to “immediately open the door” for him. There are many times in my life when I would have said, “hold on Jesus, I’ll answer the door for you as soon as I do these 5 things that I need to get done.”
Watching a video like the one I linked to above slows me down, opens my heart to be ready to love Jesus… right now.



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4 08 2009


4 08 2009
Mike H.

1) Reminds me of our aquarium in Animal Crossing
2) Why aren't there more people here seeing this awesomeness?
3) So many fish. I'm surprised it's all open water and that there aren't any reef-like things

11 08 2009

Steve, Ben C., and I took Aidin to the TN Aquarium last year. It was awesome. It made me want to have a huge fish-tank in my living room. The coolest creature I've seen is a sea-dragon. Seahorses and Seadragons are flipping amazing.

However…watching an aquarium video doesn't do it for me personally. In order for me to stay emotionally alive I need to be with people.

We're wired very differently *grin*

I think you knew this about me.

-dan davenport

11 08 2009

Oh, and a side-note:

At LT last night we were finishing up a series on Decision making and the Will of God. One student brought up that the parable of the sower lead her to constantly assess which soil she was on.

The central difficulty with discussing decision making is that so many people believe in a sense of peace being delivered magically as the best way to make decisions. So she was feeling that she could know her place positionally by how she felt.

The discussion was really awesome because it clarified for everyone that we can know our place positionally without good circumstances or good feelings.

I know we were talking about feelings and God earlier and I think it would be a fun discussion to have some time.

The more I have thought through and read through this issue, the more relieved I am to see emotion as a response to truth, not a source of truth.

It'd be cool to come to AA and chat it out with you.

-dan davenport

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