What a man does.

22 09 2009

In the last post I talked about Bono being a good husband to his wife.

In that post, I talked about the matter mostly from the perspective of what it says about femininity: That femininity is an expression of beauty and mystery, and that a woman, ideally, will let those qualities shine unashamedly.
But I want to add that part of the reason I’m passionate about this is because it speaks to my role as a man: The way a man engages with femininity in this world can either stifle that beauty, or call it out.
Men tend to be physically stronger than women, and one might argue, more shaped to lead and influence in this world. But I also suspect that the power of femininity is deeper and, in some sense, stronger. I find it telling that in Greek mythology, the muses were female. The power of inspiration and poetry and beauty in this world is, I think, feminine.
So a man finds himself in a surprising spot: In a role of leadership and influence with regard to a power that dwarfs and humbles him. I think this is a beautiful turnabout by God. Adam was made first, but it wasn’t until Eve was made that Adam spoke in poetry.
People are often offended by the idea of gender roles, but history clearly attests to at least some of what I’m saying here: Clearly, men have had the ability in societies to decide if women will be free and respected, or downtrodden and minimized. I love that part of my role in this world is to bless, respect and honor what a woman brings to life that I never could.



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22 09 2009
Scott D

Love your thoughts here Tim! This is an area of deep mystery and often difficult to discuss without arousing misunderstanding or hurt feelings. So I love when people risk talking about it!

In the male-female dance of gender, it seems that both either draw out or subdue the other. A good man will draw out the feminine power and beauty of women around him… not only his actions but his essence will arouse their femininity. And a good woman will similarly draw out the men around her.

We see a caricature of this in the physical-sexual arena. But the physical (beauty and arousal) is just a shadow of the spiritual beauty and power that is there waiting to be awakened.

Some of the greatest pictures of this are seen in good marriages, but also in other family and friend relationships.

What a great question to ask yourself: what is the affect of my life on those around me? Do I draw out their strength, beauty, godliness? Are they influenced for good or for evil? As a man, do I create a 'safe protected place' around me where women can feel safe to let their feminine vulnerability and strength shine out? Or do they need to hide it because I am not trustworthy?

What a beautiful and difficult dance. A true Mystery.

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