The Repentance of a Diva, Part 3

4 10 2009

Ah… the last in my trilogy of diva posts. I’ll finish off with the classicest of classics, the soul hip-hop queen herself… Mary J. Blige.

[Wish the “official” version of the video was embeddable, but you can see it here. (I love (1) that she’s typing the lyrics of the song in a word document on her laptop; (2) the font; (3) the super trendy cell phone, like a paid ad.)]
Anyway… Love MJB. And this song is, for me, just a simple, straight-foward and passionate declaration of repentance: “Too strong for too long.”
First, this does fit what I’ve been talking about with regard to femininity: Nobody who knows Mary J Blige’s music would say she’s a “weak” woman; and in this case, part of her strength is her willingness to acknowledge her weakness. It’s a powerful thing when a woman can put her needs out there without shame in a way that is honest and vulnerable, but not manipulative.
Second, I wouldn’t suggest that this (or even parts 1 & 2 of my diva series) are a lesson only for women. I post these things not because I’m trying to teach women how to be women, but because I think these things are beautiful. But these are also lessons to everyone. Women tend to be better at intimacy and vulnerability than men, and that glory that God has placed in them is intended to draw all of us closer to God when we see it – and to teach us about how to engage in relationship with him.
i.e., there are times when I’ve been “too strong for too long” in my relationship with God, and needed to let myself break down and just need him.
Or, a la Gwen Stefani in part 2, there are times when I’ve played the weak one and wanted God to just come and save me, when really he was calling me to something more.
Or, like Beyonce in part 1, I’ve got many ways that I’ve shut God out of my heart, despite his desire to enter in, refusing to allow him any entrance into my deep places.
I love intimacy; I love relationships, and I love the way God has made us! All of these things are so beautiful!



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