What it feels like for a girl

10 10 2009
(sucks that this video gets cut off there at the end… great song.)

Madonna… got to love her. I’d call it a guilty pleasure, but I don’t feel guilty.

One day back in 2001, I was in a music store – the kind where they let you listen to the cd before you buy it. I was browsing through the new Madonna album and heard this song, and on the strength of it alone I bought the album. Totally worth it.
That was the first time my eyes were opened a little bit to the fact that it might be difficult to be a woman in our culture. Around the same time, a female friend of mine told me I should read the book “What Girls Learn”, by Karin Cook.
Anyhow, I was moved. I think this song articulates beautifully the mixed messages sent to women in our culture, and hints at the sadness those messages produce: “Hurt that’s not supposed to show / And tears that fall when no one knows / When you’re trying hard to be your best / Could you be a little less?”
That was the time in my life when I first started to think really deeply about femininity and what it really means. And I was captivated.
Masculinity is important too, but, what can I say? I’m more attracted to femininity.



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