Sharon Somethin’ With Ya’

14 10 2009

Sharon Hersh is one of my favorite professors from my time in counseling school at RTS. She’s a counselor and author who comes in to RTS a couple times a year to teach one-week intensives, and she is phenomenal.

Here is a video in which she talks about desire, passion, addiction, and how addiction affects MEN. (I thought it was appropriate, since I’ve been talking a lot lately about gender, and about desire.)
These are segments taken from the class that she teaches on Addictions. An amazing class that teaches that addiction isn’t just about those with “big” addictions, like drugs or alcohol, but about the ways that every single one of us strive to escape from our pain and struggle. This woman is incredible!



One response

19 10 2009
Nintendo Samurai


When she said, "Men use addition to disconnect," my knee-jerk response was, "Of course, is that a problem?"

She seems very insightful. I thought it was interesting that a couple times when she was talking, what she was saying seemed to verbalize thoughts and feelings I have had in the past, but never been able to communicate coherently.

I suppose that's an aspect of good counseling, helping people identify the patterns that are running their life, but have up to that point escaped describability.

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