Jesus making tables

16 12 2009

Last time I said that Bruce Almighty was a profound artistic statement about the Incarnation.

This time I’ll share something a little more straightforward (I’m sharing this for the first 1:47):

Jesus “wasted” a lot of time in his life.  As far as we know, he spent his first 30 years (that’s 91% of his life) just doing human-like things: growing, learning, working and playing.

If we were unlucky people, we might serve a God who only cares about us when we’re doing “spiritual” things, running from place to place “getting things done”.

It’s wonderful to know instead that God wants us to live lives in which we really take in the beauty that surrounds us.  He needs nothing from us.

I’ve found that many people know this truth cognitively, but struggle to really believe it, and feel anxious and guilty any time they slow down.  Very often, I feel the same way.

In my own life, the only way for me to really believe this is to do it.  I can’t just tell myself that God will still like me if I slow down and stop working so hard.  I have to actually slow down and find out.

I remember a time when I was feeling overwhelmed with guilt because I didn’t spend “enough” time praying or reading my Bible.  “It seems like you’re doing all the work, like it’s all up to you”, one of my friends said.  Another said, “My advice for you is to STOP.  Let him find you.”

This terrified me.  But I was at the end of my rope, so I decided to try it.  In the following year I spent less time reading my Bible than any since I had become a Christian.

And I learned more about grace than in any year since I had become a Christian.

I am so thankful for that time in my life, and also that I have learned a discipline of taking time to slow down and just “be”.  The Incarnation reminds me that this is beautiful.

One of my places to sit and "be".

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