LFEF (3.6): Continuing the LOGOS invasion

5 07 2010

In my last post, I showed you this diagram:

The battle to bring Shalom out of Tohu Bohu

But when the Virgin Mary became pregnant, God placed his “Word” (Logos) into the world in a new way, forever tipping the scales in this battle.  It looks something like this:

The Word of God tips the scales in our favor. We continue to win the battle as we mirror the "articulation" (incarnation) of The Word of God.

Beating back the darkness through ARTICULATION.

ar . tic . u . la . tion |ärˌtikyəˈlā sh ən|
noun.  1 the action of putting into words an idea or feeling of a specified type

When something is “formless and empty”, that means that it is shapeless and undefined.  It is disordered, and its meaning is unclear.  When we use words to describe, define or name something, we are “articulating” a meaning.  We give it form and shape.  This is exactly what God did in creation, dividing the universe into categories and then giving names to those categories: “This is ‘day’; that’s ‘night’; this is ‘land’, that’s ‘sky’ and those are ‘seas'”.  And even, “This is ‘good’, and that is ‘not good'”.

Articulation = Illumination

Similarly, when you find a place in the world or inside of yourself that does not yet have definition or articulation, to put words to that thing is to bring order to chaos.  You are naming that which is unnamed, and in so doing, you are shaping Creation.  Your words become like individual photons of light that bounce off of the thing being described, illuminating that which was once shrouded in darkness.

You don’t just articulate what’s “out there” in the world.  You articulate (and incarnate) your self.

It is easy to become scared when we encounter feelings in ourselves that we don’t understand or don’t have words for.  But the place in your life where you lose the ability to articulate what is happening is crucially important – because this place in your life is the clash-point, the frontier between light and darkness, between that which has been illuminated and that which has not, between Tohu Bohu and Shalom.

It makes sense to be scared when you stand on this frontier, because you are staring Tohu Bohu right in the eyes.  The darkness – the formlessness and emptiness in which Satan delights and which is the source of all evil and brokenness in the world – is staring back at you, mocking you, and daring you to enter in.  Your words are the means by which you enter in, scattering the darkness with a burst of light.  But finding those words and gaining the courage to speak them out loud is always a battle.

"The greatest battle lies within."

Thankfully, you are not alone in that battle.  The “Word” of God, the Logos, is available, giving us the power to incarnate and articulate Shalom to the world.

Next, I’ll give a couple Biblical examples of the power of words to scatter darkness, and bring order to creation.

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One response

5 07 2010

Dude, I really REALLY liked this one. I have the tendency to think my internal clashes between tohu-bohu and shalom are of no big deal. A kind of “Ah yeah, my emotions are confusing, but whatever….aren’t everyone’s?” I think your showing me that these “small” internal clashes of mine actually have cosmic significance, and that there is much ground to be taken for God’s Kingdom here. That sort of stuff motivates me way more than “know thyself”.

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