Romantic Sperm

27 01 2011

Ah… at last!  Of all the sperm and egg videos, I think this is my favorite: Short, to the point, and glorious:

Everything about this is great.

She honors him and he honors her.

The Queen at the center of this drama is the glorious and beautiful Mrs. Egg, adored by millions.  Her suitors have been drawn to her beauty from far away, and they pursue her relentlessly.  But she knows who she is and is not swayed by their flattery: She is a Temple, of inestimable worth.  Whether she is pursued by millions or shunned by all, her sense of herself remains unchanged.  And she knows what she wants: She longs for intimacy.  But she will not settle for just anyone!  Only a worthy and holy High Priest may enter her Holy of Holies.  Though her longing for intimacy is great, she will not defraud herself by giving entry to one who is unworthy; she waits patiently for her Priest to come.

And before long, arrive he does!  On the surface he looks just like all the other suitors who have sought to gain entry into Mrs. Egg’s soul.  But there’s something different about him!  He is strong yet also humble.  He is among his brothers, but he is not concerned what they think of him, and unabashedly shows his passion for his beloved.  He is captivated by her and longs to enter her, but – unlike his brothers – is not so consumed by his desire that he neglects to honor her heart in the process.  He is passionate and patient at the same time.

The High Priest enters the Temple

And above all, he is holy: His affections are for her and her alone.

“At last!”, her heart cries.  “One who is worthy to be granted entry into my garden of delights.  I will open myself fully to him.”

“At last!”, his heart cries.  “The one for whom I have longed to forsake all others.  I will gladly, ecstatically pour out all my strength, even unto death.”

Their union is complete.

They are in ecstasy.

And new life is conceived out of their love.

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