“As Much Beauty and As Much Terror As We Can Take”

25 02 2011

“There are so many things that are not OK and that will never be OK again.  But there’s also so many things that are OK and good that sometimes it makes you crumple over with being alive.  We are allowed such an insane depth of beauty and enjoyment in this lifetime.  It’s what my dad talks about sometimes.  He says the only way that he knows there’s a God is that there’s so much gratuitous joy in this life. And that’s his only proof.  There’s so many joys that do not assist in the propagation of the race or self-preservation.  There’s no point whatsoever.  They are so excessively, mind-bogglingly joy-producing that they distract from the very functions that are supposed to promote human life.  They can leave you stupefied, monastic, not productive in any way, shape or form.  And those joys are there and they are unflagging and they are ever-growing.  And still there are these things that you will never be able to feel OK about–unbearably awful, sad, ugly, unfair things.”

(Joanna Newsom, from this article.)

(If you’ve never heard Joanna Newsom, you must buy her album “Ys” and promise yourself you will listen to it at least 10 times through before you give up on it.  This is beauty not just from another time, but from another world.)

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