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I’ll never forget what one of my professors said during my first class in counseling school.

“By the time all of you graduate, you will be experts at spotting brokenness in people”, she began.  “And that is not what good counseling is.”

“It’s not?”, I thought.  “Uh oh… I’m in trouble.  So what is good counseling?”

She went on to tell us that good counseling is really about seeing and calling forth the glory in people.

It’s easy for me to look at people – or at the world – and see what is broken, what is wrong.  But I love to look for, and be inspired by, glory.

Glory is what happens when things created by God show us something about how beautiful and wonderful their creator is.

I have called this blog Snapshots of Glory because I want to fill its pages with the ways that I have been inspired by things that I see in the world.


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7 01 2010

Great Website/Blog! I am a Christian and I read most of your blog about God caring about our hearts. It really hit me deep because I have had a freind who is also a Christian tell me that My FEELINGS arent important and he even said he didnt care about my feelings. But I know God must care about how I feel. I think it is important to have feelings and feel them, as long as we do not let our feelings control us because that is where it gets dangerous.

I am working on a blog currently and I hope you subscribe 🙂
It will be positive things on my experiences and growth as a person and as a Christian. Thanks! Be Blessed..

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