My Role

I spent four years in full-time ministry before deciding to pursue training in professional counseling so that I could better serve the Church.  I love to see churches connect with and care for those who are hurting; my gifting and my story puts me in a position to help churches do so.

“Counselor, etc.”: Helping the Church care for the hurting

Within the Church

A minister of 'matters of the heart' WITHIN the church

As a counselor on staff with Great Commission Ministries (with a Masters in Counseling), I am filling what has been, until now, a hole in the care that New Life Church has been able to provide.

College students today are battling with addiction, the wounds of abuse, depression, and many other issues.  It is imperative that a church hoping to reach this demographic be prepared to deal with these types of struggles.

As a counselor on staff with GCM, I have two main functions in New Life Church:




(1) Counsel individuals and groups who are in need of special care.


(2) Provide training and help for staff and other church leaders to care for those who are hurting.










College students can not afford to support the ministry of a local church, much less pay for counseling. So although this ministry is desperately needed, without support from outside New Life Church, it simply can not exist.


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